Enter: Another great Thai restaurant in Astoria! (See my other fave San Aroy).

I’ve thought Prik Thai to be on the pricier side when ordering online during normal evening hours, but I found that they have amazing lunch specials if you can catch them then.

For $7.95, each lunch dish gets an option for meat and also comes with either steamed vegetable dumplings, fried tofu, or Thai spring rolls. We were able to get these 4 lunch specials for about $32 (not including tax or tip, of course).

The Thai basil sauce with chicken was pretty standard. Nothing to write home about but also worth the price including the rice and side.

Spicy basil fried rice with chicken – same as above. Still better than majority of Chinese fried rice I’ve tasted in Astoria.

Pad See Ew with chicken is one of my favorite dishes. The noodles were actually perfect and everything I was looking for. Not sure why a lot of other Thai restaurants don’t use these larger flat noodles because they are seriously my favorite. Win for Prik for this one.

Red curry with chicken. It was pretty standard but plentiful. For the price, absolutely worth every penny.

Each of the lunch deals got a different side dish. This was the fried tofu. It wasn’t as dry as it looked, but def tastier when dipped in the red curry for a bit.

Veggie spring rolls – not as greasy as other places, I’ll give them that.

What is missing is the veggie steamed dumplings (you can see them in the background in other photos). Those were our favorite side option for this lunch special. Will have to try this again, specifically during the lunch special. hours.


Website: www.prikthainyc.com

Address: 47-16 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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