Another local favorite (besides Yaar for Indian) that we enjoy ordering from is San Aroy for Thai food. The prices are reasonable, the location is actually only a few blocks away, and so far everything has been outstanding.


Usually when we order fried dumplings, they are greasy or the filling leaves much to be desired. But these little dumplings were stuffed with shrimp, chicken, mushroom, and chestnuts, and served with a black sweet sauce. Really great texture on the exterior and def not greasy.


This fried calamari was definitely a treat. The coating was light, almost like a a tempura batter, and the calamari meat itself was tender and never slipped out of the coating. On top it was smothered with a spicy mayo sauce, which you would have thought would soggy the batter during delivery transit, but it held up.


Of course we had to order the chicken Pad Thai, Stephen’s favorite. The sauce was tangy but not too fishy, and the noodles and chicken were mixed well together. Even though we’ve tried a good amount of the menu at San Aroy, there’s still much more we can’t wait to eat.


Address: 2906 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11105

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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