Hey! I’m Talei. I know, the website/username TaleiTalei is super original, but it all started from my one and only Instagram username I made around 2011. It’s now a blessing in disguise, as it’s easy to distinguish my page among others with the usual “foodie”, “NYC”, “hungry” ‘gram names.


I’ve been living in NYC since 2011 as well, residing the entire time in the lovely, eclectic city of Astoria in Queens. You’ll find most of my restaurant posts are local to Astoria, although I do travel to Manhattan for work and Long Island for my boyfriend’s family.

Speaking of “the boyfriend”, Stephen is partially involved in most of these posts. He’s my live-in grown adult/child boyfriend, whose main job at home is to pick up our two kitties’ poops. I do 99% of the cooking (happily, of course), and he eats 75% of the food. (Also note: he does pay for a lot of the food we out, sooo don’t be surprised if it’s majority sandwiches and pizza).


I try to make my life balanced between cooking at home and eating out. Granted, a lot of the food we eat out is comped (I try to note when that is the case, subtly of course), but I promise I’ll never post something in the wrong light. If it was bad, I’ll say it’s bad. If something is good, I’ll let it overly be known. Otherwise, just assume it was pretty OK if I don’t call it out one way or the other.


Another major part of this website is our passion to travel and immerse ourselves with the culture via food. Whether it be local travels like to Philly or Boston, or it be abroad to Mexico or Paris, we’ll always try to give our best opinion on local cuisines and where to find them.

As always, we’re perpetually on a budget. This should resonate through most of my posts and I’m damn proud of it.

I wish everyone happy eatings and drinkings!