We love checking out new neighborhoods on Long Island when we’re visiting Stephen’s parents (just like we did in Port Jefferson). This particular weekend we walked around Huntington, which is on the north shore of the island, technically in Suffolk county but still very close to Nassau where we stay. After spending the day walking around and bar-hopping, we stopped by Old Fields for dinner after seeing them on social media.


The atmosphere is very laid back, and the food ordering process is done ahead of time then delivered to your table after. The wait staff is there to take beverage orders, deliver food, and make sure everything else is okay.

Above is the pulled pork – suuuper tasty.


Adding to the laid-back atmosphere, you can see the tables were lined with butcher paper, and all food served in plastic containers. Definitely not complaining – I’d hate to do dishes too!

This was the brisket chili – which was phenomenal! Between the melted cheese topping, and tender brisket pieces, this was definitely one of our favorites.


While I was saving the seats, Stephen was the one who went into the customer line to order the food. Which is why, out of all things on this menu, we happened to get the mahi sandwich. I still have a hard time comprehending why this guy would have ordered a FISH sandwich (not even local, at that) at a BBQ place.


Hey, at least it tasted good! The fish was a little overcooked for my preference, but it might have just been too thinly cut. The seasoning and the blackening on the exterior was tasty, and paired well with the acidic slaw. I guess Stephen can get a pass on this one, but REALLY?!


If you didn’t order mac and cheese at a BBQ spot, did you even go? Of course this was delicious and of course mac and cheese is ALWAYS delicious, but for whatever reason I felt this was extra good. Stephen agreed too so I feel like that makes it legit.


Website: www.ofbarbecue.com

Address: 15 New Street, Huntington, NY, 11743

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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