I’ve passed by Schnipper’s so many times on my walks around my office in midtown. I’m actually surprised it took me this long to finally stop in and check out their famous sandwiches and burgers. Anyone who has been to Port Authority should recognize this place – it’s right across the street with the huge windows and bright lights.


With a few locations in Manhattan, Schnipper’s was started by two brothers who not-so-coincidentally carry the same last name. They were once founders and owners of Hale and Hearty (yes, the soup joint on every block in NYC), but then decided that burgers and sandwiches are where it’s at.


This is the “Jon’s Favorite Grilled Chicken” sandwich, which unfortunately is no longer on the menu at this moment. They constantly have a rotating menu with new (and sometimes old) sandwiches/burgers, so be on the look out! Along with the grilled chicken, this sandwich had creamy goat cheese, wilted herb spinach, sweet onions, and sun dried tomato pesto on ciabatta bread.


A classic on the permanent menu is the Green Goddess – avocado, goat cheese, hot house cukes, pickled red onion, alfalfa sprouts, baby arugula, green goddess dressing, on a toasted whole wheat ciabatta. Usually I stray away from such healthy-sounding items, but this was great. The thick goat cheese really pulled everything together.


Really loved this Smokey Southern Burger off the special menu, so likely it’s not currently available at the moment. But it had this amazing sweet and spicy smokey pepper cheese sauce, red onion, thick cut applewood smoked bacon, and a creamy brown mustard relish above a juicy burger.


It was really unbelievable. Our favorite of the day, for sure.


We also got 2 sides – Potato Salad which was spiced and herbed very well, along with the Mexican street corn side.

I’ve gone back here for lunch twice since, so catch me there next time!


Address: 620 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10018

Website: www.schnippers.com

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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