I feel so hashtag-blessed to be able to live in Astoria, NY. Only a mere 20 minutes from “the city” (aka the shithole that is considered Midtown Manhattan), but it really feels like a worlds away. Astoria is known for authentic Greek food, and their relaxing approach to outdoor restaurants and bars. However, more often than not, these typically pleasant establishments tend to be overrun with newly-implanted kids and/or rowdy Long Islanders.


But – if you look hard enough, you’ll find the perfectly located restaurant with delicious food – away from all that shit. No Yelp Eliters, no Redbull-Vodka-drinking-bros, and no monthly LIRR-toting people. I unwillingly introduce to you – Palermo.


Nestled right between the fast-paced 21st street and the well-known Astoria Park, is Palermo. I’ve walked by many times but always thought the location was off… even though I lived within walking distance. But one day we decided to stop by early on a Friday and enjoy the summer breeze on their covered patio. A pitcher of delicious sangria (seriously, it was amazing) started our early dinner off right.


This is their Linguine Fra Diavolo. I really don’t think they could have put any more seafood if they wanted to.


Calamari, scallops, shrimp, mussels, and clams perfectly simmered in a spicy tomato sauce. Oh, and some spaghetti thrown in for good measure.


This veal milanese looks more like a work of art than food, to be honest.

DSC_0592But as much I as love art, I love food even more – specifically baby cows (don’t @ me PETA). The veal was tenderly cooked with a nice exterior, and although the arugula did seem like overkill, I got my boyfriend to eat his servings of veggies that day.

Places like Palermo are a diamond in the rough. While the layout of 30th Ave and Broadway perpetually keep changing, with new restaurant and bar concoctions it seems monthly, local more-hidden places continue to remain. And I need to find more of these places because I’m sick of these repetitive mundane concepts.

Palermo’s Website Here.

Address: 23-92 21st Street, Astoria. NY 11105

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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