I always ask my friends and Instagram followers for suggestions where to eat when I’m traveling somewhere new. An (unusually) overwhelming amount of people mentioned El Compadre. A taco joint? In the Italian Market area? In Philly? I mean, come on guys. Do you take me for a fool?


Well, I caved. It was our first morning in Philly after a long night of traveling the previous day. My boyfriend was snoring away and I was up extremely early with nothing to do. I made it a mission to walk the half an hour each way (YES you heard me right – walk!) to El Compadre and bring back some tacos for breakfast because I mean that’s normal right.


Everyone told me I needed to go on the weekends for the barbacoa (which was what they were best known for), and that they run out quickly by lunch time. It was around 10am when I arrived so the crowds weren’t too bad. I was greeted by this lovely lady at the front who was chopping the large pieces of meat right by the window. She handed me a taco. Straight up, no joke. She just wanted me to taste the food before I made a purchase. I happily obliged and of course thereafter placed my order. By the way, it is unlimited toppings so get your freak on!!


I got one lamb barbacoa and one pork chorizo. As I was waiting for my order, she told some gentleman working there to let me try the soup. I felt like I was at my grandma’s house or something; the atmosphere was so relax and generous. It turned out to be lamb broth soup and I can’t even describe the flavors it was so deliciously complex. I bought a container to take back as well.


While I wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of the atole hot chocolate also provided to me, that’s just because I’ve never been a chocolate person. Appreciated the gesture immensely nonetheless.


So after my another half hour walk back, I strolled on into our hotel room with a bag of tacos and a container of soup. My boyfriend, who just woke up, was like… wtf? I explained.. it was so totally worth it.



El Compadre

Address: 1149 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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