Brunch lives within New Yorker’s veins. We unfortunately have to wait every weekend to partake in it. Whether you’re a Saturday or Sunday bruncher, it doesn’t matter – it is still in your blood. New Yorkers = brunchers.


Wicked Willy’s is an adorable restaurant located in the lower east side of Manhattan. The street is lined with other bars and restaurants, which gives it a fun atmosphere, but this is definitely where you want to be. The awning and decorations seem like something Jack Sparrow himself would have hung.


We only tried their brunch, but I’m sure their regular menu is just as good. You may have been wondering about that toxic-looking green drink on the table. Yes, it is sweet, but yes there is definitely alcohol in it. It’s called the Hpnotiq Mermaid Margarita.


Stephen got the breakfast burger, which was presented very beautifully with a side of fries.


I never expect breakfast burgers to be good at restaurants because I’m so spoiled with those from bodegas. But can I say – this burger was pretty phenomenal. The meat was at a nice medium where you could taste it but it didn’t fall apart, and the egg yolk on top popped to give it some sauciness. All the accoutrements went perfectly with the burger as well.


I ordered a bacon egg and cheese with a side of tater tots. I mean, at least the tater tots were good!


My breakfast sandwich lacked pretty much everything. The eggs were overcooked, the cheese was abysmal, and the like two pieces of bacon were okay. The ciabatta was not the right choice for this sandwich, and really the egg and cheese portion was severely lacking.


Nevertheless, we stuck around for another pitcher of booze for the unlimited boozey brunch experience. While the rose sangria was much tastier than the blue drink, it too was just as sweet. I think both Stephen and myself walked out of here with a huge headache from all the sugary drinks.


If you do happen to check the place out, ask about taking pics on this adorable bicycle cart. The theme is hard in the location, but it’s something I really don’t mind.



Address: 149 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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