Yes Chef Wine Bar is not your typical neighborhood restaurant. Slightly hidden on the eastern part of 30th Avenue in Astoria is a tiny, 15 or so seat restaurant run solely by 2 individuals. It’s hard to say which character is the star, because just as much as Chef Laszlo throws out amazing food, Phillip in the front of the house is equally the life of the party.


Chef Laszlo Beregszaszi, who went to culinary school in Hungary, lived a crazy life to say the least. He’s traveled the world, managed restaurants in Greece, sported an Executive Chef title at a boojie French Bistro in NYC, Private Chef in the Hamptons, and even cooked for some of our favorite (or not so) celebrities and politicians. Yes Chef Wine Bar is much more laid back and on par with what he’s looking for now. The restaurant is farm-to-table and sources local organic ingredients as much as possible.


Phillip who tends to the front of house (which is literally everything besides the kitchen) brings just as much spunk as you’d expect for someone to match Chef’s talents. You may recognize him from some TV shows, which he does part time, but you’ll never be able to forget his exuberant demeanor.

Something to note before stopping in – there is NO menu. Phillip will let you know what Chef is cooking that day, and you order from there.


I think we can all give a big Fuck You to New York state for the banning of foie gras. Luckily we have a year or two to enjoy so until then, cheers bitches. From what I recall, this special batch of foie was from one of Chef’s own local friends upstate so it’s the real deal. The delectable fat layer did not go to waste, and the jam pairing with the toasts were delicious.


The tuna tartare almost reminded me of Hawaiian poke we used to get at Safeway (this is not a bad thing!). The raw tuna was mixed with some type of spicy mayo and was topped with chopped cherry tomatoes and jalapenos.


The plating is strangely simple yet elegant, which is the type of ambiance I think they’re trying to put together. It’s so “extra” in all senses of the word, that this gig really seems to work.


This was the star of the evening – the black truffle fig marmalade brie burger with sriracha sauce.


The #cheeseporn involved in this should literally be NSFW. Hands down one of my favorite burgers of all time. Absolutely atrocious to eat, dribbling melted brie cheese with a tinge of truffle down your face.

Overall- Adorable little spot, but a little pricey. Good wine, good food, and a good time. I think that’s all that it comes down to.



Address: 44-10 30 Avenue, Astoria, NY 11103

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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