Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed when my favorite focaccia pizza restaurant in Astoria closed and out sprung up this bar in its place. I probably even put off trying this new bar for years out of sheer spite.


But I’m glad we ended up trying this place after a long morning of Pokemoning near Astoria Park (that is an actual verb, I verified it). We stopped in for brunch and Stephen had a bacon and egg cheese burger. It was quite tasty, although I do wish the bread was more toasted and matched the size of the meat patty.


I had the mac & cheese with pancetta, tomatoes, and peas in a cute little cast iron skillet. It was good for the most part; just lacked the taste of cheese. It was as if it was mostly bechamel sauce and someone forgot to add the stinkin’ cheese.


Which is why (and I feel bad for posting this), I doggy-bagged the pasta and spruced it up at home. Look at the vibrancy and cheesiness and overall just better quality of the dish.

Note: I’ll still go back to try their other food. More importantly Astoria Craft has an amazing Bingo and Trivia club so I’m not throwing them under the bus whatsoever. Love the place and I’m sure we just had an off day.

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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