Whether you believe the story about Louis’ Lunch being the birthplace of the Hamburger or not, you still gotta give this place some credit.


Opened since 1895, that’s literally over 100 years in action! Not to mention they still operate out of this (sorry for lack of better words) dinky house-looking building, and with the same old school standing up griddles.


I obviously did my research beforehand and found that the customer service was to be lacking, and one must order their burger according to their lingo or else. I actually found that to be quite the contrary, and the cooks were more than accommodating with my order as well as with me taking photos of them working.


Side shot of the old school griddles. Can’t even imagine how old they are.


As expected this OG hamburger came on toasted white bread, with a slather of cheese and chopped onion and tomato.


While we enjoyed the hamburger, it was unfortunately a little more overrated than we expected. The corners of the square bread missed any part of the round burger patty, and the burger itself lacked general seasonings. Not bad, just not the best. A good location for late night eats after a night of going out I suppose.


Website: www.louislunch.com

Address: 261 Crown Street, New Haven, CT 06511-6611


Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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