The New York Cocktail Expo hosts 2 massive exhibitions twice a year – one in NYC and on Long Island. The first Expo was held April 2016 with over 400 guests in attendance, and has only exponentially grown since then. They also hold seminars on cocktail tastings, competitions, after-parties, you name it.


I’m not much of a cocktail connoisseur, but found the overall exhibit approachable for all types of people. I secretly really loved the tablescapes for each display more than anything. Check these long green shrubs that would be perf for my Thanksgiving table.


The drink associated with this booth was for Korval Distillery. It was some type of whiskey and orange flavor cocktail; quite good.


I’m a sucker for all things purple and periwinkle so clearly this drew my eye.


This cocktail made with Empress 1908 Gin was fruity yet subtle. Orchids were a nice choice to top off each drink.


No idea what these drinks were made of, but the garnish of a roasted orange and purple flower atop were eye-catching. I do believe these are the Classic & Vintage portfolio of Domaine Select.


“The Punching Bag” – Copper & King’s American Craft Brandy, Destillare Intense Orange Curacao, SerendipiTea Tea Blend, House Made Spiced Raspberry Syrup, Lime, House Made Raspberry Bitters, Hibiscus Petals.


Shoutout to Queens Bully and their “The Punching Bag” cocktail! Also, shameless plug for my blog post on Queens Bully!


News to me – the New York City bar Dead Rabbit has their own liquor.


THC and CBD are in everything now – including cocktails.



Skinos mixed with Otto’s Athens Vermouth is what I can only dream of a perfect drink off the waters in Mykonos.


High West Whiskey Double Rye was a pretty good contender on its own tbh.


Really loved the set of One With Life Tequila. Color-scheme and decor was on point.


Know nothing about Bogart himself, but this Bogart Liquor was nice.


At this point, we were just so tired after all the tasting (it was like 3PM or so at this point), so we were just trying to rush out.  No idea what these were or if we even tasted them.


If you’re a cocktail fan, or just a fan of trying new things, the New York Cocktail Expo is a good idea to check out.

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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