I’ve had my Crockpot hidden in the back of my shoe closet collecting dust for about 3 years before I decided it was time to try it out again. The weather was getting colder, and my boyfriend and I had been living together long enough that I no longer needed to impress him with elaborate meals – Now it is strictly about how much cooked food I can shove in a Tupperware with the least amount of time.


Chicken and rice. Not the Spanish chicken and rice – literally just brown rice cooked with chicken in some type of sauce. Seemed pretty straightforward to me. But everywhere I scoured on the internet either required some type of canned creamy chicken nonsense or involved cooking the chicken or rice separately.

Like, no.

#1) I’m not eating that bullshit, and #2) I’m not trying to do any more dishes than I have to. I was determined to find a way to dump everything (even frozen chicken breasts because that is literally how lazy I’ve become) into my Crockpot and have a decently healthy meal ready by the following day.


Took me a few tries and a few pounds of chicken and rice (which thankfully the BF never lets go to waste), but I think this recipe will suffice. Nothing is exact, as per usual to my recipes, but the concept of it is fundamentally sound. Feel free to add any vegetables or other seasonings. The chipotle sauce itself is what gives it most of its flavor – masking the otherwise blandness of brown rice and chicken breasts (if I had it my way we’d be using dark meat but neither here nor there).


– 1 large chicken breast (totes can be frozen, like I did here)
– 1 – 28 oz can of tomato sauce or anything similar
– 1 – 8 oz can chipotle sauce (I like the blended one, or you can get it with whole peppers)
– 1.5 cups brown rice
– Literally every seasoning you want (I used a dash of each: black pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, chili powder, dried oregano)
– Any type of frozen/fresh vegetables

1. No joke, dump all the shit together in the Crockpot.
2. Use the 28 oz empty can of tomatoes, fill with water, and add.
3. Do the same with the empty 8 oz can of chipotles.
4. Turn Crockpot on low and leave overnight. I probably have it on about 10 hours, but just mix it around after a while to make sure it doesn’t stick and/or if it needs more water.
5. After a while, the chicken will essentially poach itself in the tomato sauce. It should be able to shred itself with just a fork. Mix it into the rice.
6. This is when I add the frozen vegetables – here I emptied out my freezer with frozen peas, corn, and spinach. Since they’re already cooked, no need to kill it any further with high heat. I just mix it all together, turn the Crockpot off, but keep the lid on. Once my boyfriend wakes up a little after me, he puts everything in Tupperwares and we call it a day.

– About 2 large regular-sized Tupperwares (that’s a precise measurement).



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Posted by:Talei Rukstad