Astoria has no shortage of unlimited-boozy brunch spots, and that’s the way I like it. (Definitely not the reason I’ve stayed in Astoria this long, if you’re reading, mom). Just on the outskirts of Astoria in Long Island City is a somewhat new restaurant appropriately named Bierocracy. Decorated as a modern-style German beer hall with ample seating, it really does almost feel like the types of taverns I’ve visited on my previous trips to the region.


Their brunch menu has changed a bit since I went a few months ago, but you can expect all the typical NYC brunch-fare. My favorite part is that beer is an option for your unlimited drink choice, and you’re not only restricted to watered-down, piss-colored “mimosas”.


We started off with the onion rings, which unfortunately don’t seem to be on the menu anymore. Either way, the breading was crisp and thin, and the onions didn’t make the exterior soggy at all – so good in my book.


Another dish apparently no longer on the menu is the chocolate waffles. You know what, my boyfriend and I are by no means sweet-breakfast-foods people, so we can just continue to pass this…


As my boyfriend is a creature of habit, he ordered the burger. It came packed with spicy honey stout glazed bacon, crispy onions, arugula, tomato, aioli, and a Chimay beer cheese – all as listed on the menu. I’ll tell you that all the different flavors did get a little lost in this burger, but it was by no means a bust. Just don’t expect all the intricate flavors and textures to be as noticeable.


Myself, also not too far from my usual brunch choice, opted for the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. It was good, but not like, go-out-of-my-way good. The potato hash was seasoned enough, but under-cooked (not that I care, because I’m never a fan of potatoes any way). The English muffin was toasted fine, the smoked salmon was store variety, and the Hollandaise was palatable. Only major issue was one egg wasn’t properly poached, as in, over-cooked. Clearly no photos shown here, especially since one egg was fully cooperative and took amazing photos.


Look, it’s a cute spot to go for either a boozy brunch or just to have a few pints with the bros after work. The location is a bit off the beaten path, but if you live nearby, totally worth it to check it out. I’ll need to stop by again to get a full new review of food and drinks.

Website: Here

Address: 12-23 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

Posted by:Talei Rukstad

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